Code Enforcement/Safety Officer and Building Inspection

Dave Burrows, Code Enforcement/Safety Officer
Rhiannon Peters, Building Inspector / Safety Officer


ELECTRONICALLY SUBMIT your Building/Sign/Use Permits

The Building Codes office now accepts electronic submission of applications for permits pertaining to building renovations, property use and signs. Please click on the button to proceed to portal.

Building Code Fee Schedule
When Building Permits are Required

Forms & Applications

Demolition Application
Tenant Complaint Form
Building/Use Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
Record Search Request
Variance Application (New form in work; please call Code Enforcement)
Zoning Permit Application
Zoning Complaint Form

Related Local Laws & Guidance

Permit Requirements
Procedure for Enforcement of Local Law #5 of 2003 and Local Law #3 of 2015
Local Law #5 of 2010 – Key Box Regulations
Local Law #6 of 2022 – the Building Code
Insurance requirements for permits
Climactic & Geographic Design Criteria Information

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