Fort Ticonderoga Ferry

Take a ride on the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry. Whether by car, bike, or just a pedestrian travel, it is a pleasant ride and scenic ride. The Fort Ticonderoga Ferry is a cable type ferry crossing traversing Lake Champlain between Ticonderoga, New York and Shoreham, Vermont. It connects the New York and Vermont segments of State Route 74. The ferry can carry up to 18 cars and has a weight limit of 15 tons. The ferry operates seasonally, from May to October. The crossing takes seven minutes, and there are three crossings every hour. The fee is for a round trip.

The ferry has been regularly operating in some form since 1759, but regular operation only began in 1823. The ferry uses a cable system consisting of two 1.1-inch (2.8 cm) steel cables aligned in parallel.