Town Ordinances/Laws

Winter Parking Notices

Order Prohibiting Overnight Parking
Legal Notice for Snow Plowing Season


Noise Ordinance
Order Restricting Parking within Designated Areas
Peddlers Ordinance
Sewer Use Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance with Site Plan (Adopted 12-30-2019)Zoning Map

Local Laws

Local Law 4 of 1985 – Sign Regulations from the Site Plan Review
Local Law 3 of 1996 – Flood Damage Prevention
Local Law 5 of 2003 – Litter
Local Law 6 of 2003 – JunkYards
Local Law 4 of 2006 – Alternative Veterans Exemption from Real Property Tax pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Section 458-A
Local Law 2 of 2008 – Partial Real Property Tax Exemption for Persons 65 or Older
Local Law 3 of 2008 – Open Container
Local Law 1 of 2009 – Public Fireworks
Local Law 4 of 2009 – Animal Confinement
Local Law 5 of 2010 – Key Box Regulations
Local Law 1 of 2011 – Amending Town Zoning Ordinance Concerning Residential Use of Property in Central Commercial Zone
Local Law 2 of 2011 – Nuisance Properties
Local Law 1 of 2013 – Prohibition of Parked Trailers on Certain Lots & Highways
Local Law 3 of 2014 – Fire Insurance Claims
Local Law 4 of 2014 – Weight Limits for Certain Town Highways
Local Law 1 of 2016 – Dog Control
Local Law 6 of 2022 – NYS Fire Prevention Building Code
Local Law 1 of 2017 – Central Commercial Zoning District (amends LL#1 of 2011)
Local Law 6 of 2021 – Regulating Sewer Use and Septic Systems
Local Law 4 of 2022 – Unsafe Buildings
Local Law 4 of 2023 – Grievance Day


Residents often post information, signs, etc. to power poles, owned by National Grid, within the Town of Ticonderoga. National Grid has informed the Town that this practice is not warranted by National Grid unless one has a contract with the company and supplies insurance forms to them as the Town does for its banners and holiday lights. No individuals should be putting attachments on these poles. Such posting is prohibited under the National Grid general utility policy. This also causes a safety issue for their workers, who can rip their rubber gloves that they use and need for protection from electrical current.

If National Grid discovers a sign on a pole on which their employees are working , they are instructed to remove them immediately. The Town of Ticonderoga requests residents to refrain from this practice for the reasons stated. On a more aesthetic note, these become unsightly and do not present a favorable image of our community.

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